In 2006 I was invited by the association la Llave to help orphans in Colombia.

At the time, the villagers' populations were subjected to atrocious abuses by the FARC and extreme right-wing paramilitary groups.

The members of the Llave solicited the creativity and expression of children through artistic workshops.

They referred me to those who appeared to be in great pain, chronic pathologies and/or significant behavioural problems.

Being the only "medical" on site, I had to take care of them completely.

This effectiveness in extreme cases and mostly related to harmful environments and/or emotional shocks, I found it thanks to my biodynamic tool.

I had to adapt it to these particular and extreme situations, to be creative.

I had to have tremendous compassion in each of the treatments, understanding them as closely as possible, almost as if I were both their father and mother.


Once my hands were synchronized with them, I let the nervous system transmute (relax deeply until I felt that its texture went from dense to fluid, from compact to light, from solid to gel, from a strong electromagnetic field to a soothed field).

In our jargon, we call it the NEUTRAL.

The deeper and more established I obtained a Neutral, the more powerful and lasting the emergence of Health was.

Once in Neutral, I asked some of my little patients to relive through their thoughts the event that we had agreed was the cause of the problem.

The results were tremendous in terms of effectiveness.

Problems of psoriasis, purulent eczema, anorexia, violent behaviour and many other symptoms almost disappeared in the process.

It opened incredible doors of understanding for me.


So my quest was to find out how this could work and what medicines or practices were working in this direction.

I explored almost all types of care but I couldn't find any that didn't really satisfy me.

No other medicine was able to both heal and at the same time witness the spectacle of healing through its own hands.

Biodynamics has the incredible and delicious ability to discriminate between the different stages of the evolution of health in tissues and in the precise place where you position yourself to observe it.

You therefore have the enormous advantage thanks to a precise and recognized sensory protocol to know where you stand with regard to the evolution of health forces and their impact on tissues.

All you need to do is to be in a meditative state called double and singular attention to this practice so that the biodynamic life forces can increase their inherent potential.


The Colombian experience showed me that biodynamic osteopathy can also be a medicine of choice that can address pathologies or behavioural neuroses related to external environments, emotional shocks and discursive thoughts.


A few years later, I discovered the medicines of Amerindian plants, then later, the Mongolian drum shamanism.

The transgression of space-time and the access to the various unconscious allowed, thanks to a guided intention, to obtain psychological and energetic cleansing, comprehension and healing often.

Access to an almost physical form of spirituality and the abandonment of one's ego seemed to me to be the key.

In these sessions, my interpretation was that our Newtonian world, rational and conditioned, was put in the background so that the world of the invisible, i. e. mainly the vibratory world of the information fields, could emerge.

They have no time and space limits and are available thanks to a well-chosen intention.


So I was studying quantum physics, at least at a level sufficient to realize that everything is information, from radio waves, to thought and even the smallest subatomic particle of any cell in your body.

Everything is "evanescent" and everything is linked.

There is not a single wave or particle of information that is not lost.

It is almost dizzy to know how much we are immersed in fields of information that are enriched from event to event and that can be imprinted on you in the form of emotion.

Here, the limits of time and space mean nothing.

For practical functional needs we have conditioned ourselves to a given space-time but it dissolves completely in the shamanic and quantum world.

All you have to do is set a precise intention and the quantum mixer will do the rest. He will cook you the dish you wanted.

In quantum physics one could say that your intention will have a high chance of collapsing the potential of the wave value.

In order to get the best meal possible, it is necessary to have a good cook, a good guard and a good guide.

The shaman fulfils all three roles at the same time.


Knowing the biodynamic tool, it seemed obvious to me that there were bridges between these so-called "world" medicines and my practices.

It was necessary to find the most accurate correspondence grid and adapt.


These ancient, primitive medicines were born from the interactions between man and nature.

Survival, health and everyday life depended on the harmony that men and women could have with this great lady and with the forces of the cosmos.

It had to be interpreted, understood and used to hunt, gather, then cultivate, anticipate to survive and protect oneself.

The climatic forces of nature, the elements, the mineral, the vegetable, the animal and the human were the only biodynamic environments of man.


Harmony with this environment was the guarantee of survival, health and perhaps happiness.

The shaman was the guide, the one who had the knowledge and could interpret the signs.

He had one foot in both the world of men and in the "other world". 

He could guide as best he could to preserve the harmony between man and the universe.

It is impossible not to be spiritual when you understand this link with nature and the universe.


The link was becoming obvious....


By his practice and the essence of what he is at the time of treatment, the biodynamic practitioner IS the patient's new environment.

It fulfils both the role of the plant by synchronizing with the electromagnetic fields of patient information and as a guide through its knowledge of the patient's need.

Couldn't a perfectly prepared human being be the most justly vibrating organism for another human being?

Isn't the possibility of repeating the sessions without any toxicity and readjusting one's biodynamic positioning according to the results and the evolution of the patient's need absolutely accurate and gentle?


Gradually, I adapted the biodynamic tool to the great shamanic principles (cleaning, precise and positive intentions, shaping the environment most conducive to the emergence of clarity and healing, using ritual and symbolism to try to evacuate the unresolved and make room for health to flow again).


I am fortunate in Paris to have a patient population that is very favourable to the experimentation of these treatments.

I think that at least 90% of my "patients" have either a problem directly related to a harmful environment or an emotional or even trans-generational shock, or an inability to heal due to the vibratory impact preventing health from working.


Several thousand treatments have allowed me to understand, experiment in an original way and cure many pathologies that I did not think were affordable.

From these clinical experiences and the resulting treatments, principles and protocols, I created a course.

This one is based for the theory on the bases of neurosciences, of a quantum physics which approaches the link between thought and the body, epigenetism, embryology; for the practical part on my clinical experiences of more than 20 years of research.


Since 2013, I have been training practitioners in this original approach in France, South America in Russia and soon in Africa.

I have also created a simplified course at the request of many people that allows non-professionals to discover through touch and understand what health is all about. 

To feel it "in real life"! "and to understand its relationship to the environment.