20 years ago, I was discovering Biodynamic osteopathy.

I knew instantly that this medicine allowed a direct contact with health forces.

In 2006, a humanitarian experience in Colombia gave me the insight that this practice could tackle with success chronic, traumatic or psychosomatic pathologies and behavior problems induced by environment.

In order to understand how it worked, I explored nearly all the alternative medicines and, in particular the so-called shamanic medical practices.


How could these medicines be so effective for such deep problems?

Probably cause they bring consciousness in a space-time where are buried the origins of the disease.

Disease appears when the ecosystem in which we live isn't harmonious.

Quantum physics explains with acuity interactions between body, mind and environment.


The biodynamic practitioner becomes the patient's environment by way of his touch.

I set myself to find the connections between my various research fields and my training (biodynamic osteopathy, shamanism, quantum physics, neurosciences) and draw from this research simple, original and effective practices.

These practices have been experimented on patients hundreds of times with excellent clinical results.

In 2012, I started to write up lessons and develop a course that I've been teaching in France and abroad.



 Pascal Anselin