Cures - Treatments 







We are talking about the privilege to be “Là-haut” (up above).

Cut from the world, in the rare beauty of a natural environment which allows the coming to the surface of consciousness, a quality treatment when time and space don't mean much anymore.

Here, no need to go from point A to point B, no more scheduled appointments.

Just a shared daily life which will dictate the time and place of the treatments, as many as necessary.


The first stage will be to find a way to express with clarity the unsolved which blocks the healing process and make a diagnosis.

Then, we may get to a neutral state, to the cleansing of the tensions intoxicating you.

Ego's forces letting go of their vigilance under the influence of the place and the treatments, health will be able to come to the surface without forcing it in any way. It will take the right shape and depth according to the moment.


In practice, you will need to stay between 3 to 6 days to familiarize yourself with the place and for a minimum apprehension of the work.

Other practitioners or myself will mind your well-being with extra care, giving time to time.

When the time comes, we will use the most fitting form to treat you in the most fitting location, in a room, under a tree, on top of a mountain...


  • Interactive treatments for small even groups of patients :

Each one can be the healer of the other, that is the fruit of the years of research I did.

The empathy and the compassion created during this work and this mutual care allow a great depth of consciousness and a potential durability thanks to the sponsorship called upon.

Illness becomes obsessive in its victim's mind. You want to change the paradigm.

Ego and fear are the favored fixation tools to keep one's focus on symptoms and thus prevent the spirit of healing.

We will teach you to change the paradigm, to focus on the other one's health to favor its emergence in the therapeutic duo.


Whole series of positive effects will put you on the road of consciousness and healing.

  • Ateliers-traitements pour les couples, les adolescents et les enfants :

Whether it is for couples in pain, teenager's crisis or kids somatizing life difficulties, the work will be completely customized and very specific for each case. We will apply biodynamic principles for consciousness to emerge in the state of health until healing, identifying in the process the defense mechanisms. 


We have been practicing those for years and we will resort to them whenever we'll feel its the right course, for they can be very powerful and of real help.


It's not very known but cacao is a comforting and universal balm for the heart.

With a pure cacao cultivated specifically for our care in Guatemala, we will propose a work and awareness session in resonance with the benevolent spirit of the cacao, if appropriate.


  All these treatments and proposals will require 3 to 6 days stays.