Workshops All healers !

Two units of 4 days (plus one 3 days optional unit)

This training is designed for any therapist or individual in search of deeper knowledge of what really is health.

We are talking about grasping it, feeling it through the tips of our fingers and allowing its emergence.

It can be viewed as part of one's general knowledge or integrated in another practice.

Program :

1st 4 days unit :

a- First contact with biodynamic forces

b- What is their origin ? Are they intelligent ?

c- The quantum body or what are we made of ?

d- How the body becomes the mind ?


2nd 4 days unit :


e- Shamanism and its principles, connections with and use of the biodynamic tool.

f- discriminate the health forces to assess the state of the patient

g- Self-healing.

h- Review, assessment and conclusion.


3rd Unit (3 days - optional) :


The goal will be to learn using on oneself the tool acquired in the course of the two first units.

To recover one's free will deconditioned from ego's old systems.

The practitioner-patient duos will be selected randomly.

A successful healing will depend on the empathy resulting from this search in pairs.


The first phase will allow the cleansing of whatever is in the way of healing.

It might lead to an extrication ritual if necessary and to a set of new rules with your partner in the duo.


The second phase will induce a better circulation for health in this newly freed space.


The third phase will lean on a recovered free will to define a new road to the future.

Working in pairs will permit continuity beyond the workshop.