Training Biodynamic osteopathy and sport

The world of sport is still very attached to beliefs and paradigms but is beginning to open up to emerging practices. 


The biodynamic approach makes it possible to associate performance and mental, energy and biomechanics, flow and tissues. Biodynamic osteopathy is particularly effective in the field of sport.


I was lucky enough to be able to practice it for 20 years at the highest international level in the world of contemporary dance, tennis, football, skiing and judo. I have also had the pleasure of experimenting it for the greatest Anglo-Saxon and French artists during concerts at Bercy or during their tours.


This course is intended for practitioners who want to complete their knowledge of the world of performance by adapted biodynamic osteopathic practices.  


The goal of this workshop will be to give you an original tool of great listening finesse and particularly effective in the following areas:




1- Biodynamic diagnosis


  • By listening very carefully and being able to discriminate the slightest differences, the biodynamic practitioner can detect fluid, energetic and mechanical abnormalities. 

  • This diagnosis is particularly valuable in preventing injuries, understanding harmful postures, having a precise idea of the patient's state of stress or fatigue. 


2- Recovery and prevention



  • From a general point of view, by allowing the nervous system to go into neutral more quickly.

  • The recovery period between two events or shows will be much more beneficial.

  • Another effect will be to not accumulate tension between two events and that the general condition of the athlete will be optimal so as not to get injured.

3- Acceleration of scarring processes



  • Biodynamic osteopathy is particularly effective because of its ability to drain energy and fluid flows.

  • Tissue repair times can be improved by 10 to 50%.

  • Through the neutral, the patient is positioned in a state conducive to regulation.

  • By a "surgical" practice, the practitioner will locally promote a resumption of the regeneration and healing processes whose repair was "frozen" until then. 

4 - Stress management



  • By his ability to come into physical and energetic contact with the nervous system, and by his particular state, the practitioner can evaluate the exact level of stress of the athlete and manage the level of relaxation necessary for his context. 

5- Mental preparation for a specific event


  • Biodynamic osteopathy as a means of increasing the patient's state of consciousness and presence by "cleansing" the athlete or artist of inhibiting fears, by preparing him/her for a state adapted to a precise objective, in association with mental preparation practices.




Course of the training course : 



DAY 1 
Biodynamic principles and practices 

  • History and Foundation

  • Embryology and quantum information

  • Biodynamic listening 

  • Double attention and the areas

  • The practitioner's neutral

  • The patient's neutral

  • the 3 brains: evaluation

  • The stillness

  • The midline

  • Tides

  • The different healing forces in your hands

  • Signs of healing

  • The triple focus


DAY 2 

Biodynamic diagnosis

  • The different perceptions

  • Signs of healing

  • Manual tissue healing practices



  • Assessment of flux quality in tissues

  • The patient's neutral as a key element

  • how to assess the depth of neutral required

  • The patient's biodynamic environment

  • Recovery from injury

  • Prevention 

  • Preventive biodynamic treatment

  • Biodynamics and food

  • Micro-nutrition

  • Biodynamic meditation

  • Biodynamic stretching

  • Feel the unspeakable and prevent





Acceleration of scarring processes

  • The triple focus

  • In-depth practices

  • Tendinitis, algodystrophies and inflammatory phenomena

  • Compression traumas

  • Sprains

  • Spinal hernias


Stress Management

  • Diagnosis of the suffering body

  • The unsolved and the unmanifested

  • Neutrality as a diagnostic and preventive element

  • Practices and understanding of the mourning and cleansing processes of fears and blockages in the athlete or artist

  • Biodynamics and clearances (combining biodynamics and psycho-emotional therapies)

  • The psycho-magic act in sportsmen and women



Mental preparation

  • Remembering the future... the timeline and the collapse of the potential of the chosen wave value

  • Biodynamic practice and mental preparation

  • The people accompanying...

Nota : this training course is privately run and does not fall within the scope of vocational training, nor does it lead to any formal recognition in the form of a certificate or degree at the current time.