Our modern societies and their pollutions, human promiscuity and its toxic transfers make it necessary to revitalize oneself regularly.


// For practitioners


It should be the basics !

Is there a therapist that never felt, or wondered about, the influence of the pain body of the patient on the healer (and the opposite).


It is essential to cleanse oneself of the toxic remains of the treatments and of the unavoidable transfers.


The theoretical part will focus on how are occurIng those energetic connections and on which level.

This knowledge will preserve you from numerous traps.

We will then practice actual cleansings.

The place, with Nature's omnipresence,the food, dedicated meditations and our interchangeable healing practices will help us reconnect with the source.

Objective of the internship: to allow each osteopath or manual therapist to regularly do appropriate cleaning, "clearances" as some shamans say.  

1. we will explain how this "pollution" occurs. Being notified is a first step. Without consciousness, nothing can be done,
2. we will discuss quantum reality in biodynamic osteopathy and in the osteopath/patient ratio,
3. we will confirm how much information we are before we are part of the structure: your hands on a patient is "information against information". This foresight shows the risks and benefits.
4. we will see how to do the anamnesis with a perfectly biodynamic positioning, what the natural boundaries really are and how to use them so as not to interfere with the patient's souffrance body,
5. we will revisit the neutral and use it as an anchor afin to better support the patient, without being "on board". To do this, we will use the interface,
6. we will complement the skills of all with special practices and knowledge to cleanse ourselves and be as close as possible to ourselves. We will use the principles of rituals and clearances from world and shamanic cultures adapted to each approach,
7. 70% of this internship will be devoted to practices. Each cleaning will be spécifique to everyone. We will also discuss self-cleaning practices. 
At the end of the internship:

- you will leave with a deeper and broader awareness and knowledge of what biodynamics is in its essence and implications,

- you will have new tools to exercise as cleanly and healthily as possible, and a new ability to maintain your neutrality by no longer letting harmful vibration states invade you,

- you will discover new indications for biodynamics and in particular the treatment of somatizations related to the unmanifested.

You will come out of it in great shape and with an intention perfectly adapted to the needs of the moment and everyone.


// For everybody


Vital for those exposed too long to noxious environment (urbanization, pollution of all sorts: chemical, dietary, energetic, human). Cleansing practices will be specifically designed for each person.


Detailed content of seminaries and workshops will be provided on demand.

About 60% of the work hours will be dedicated to practices.

For most of these practices, I will be assisted by another practitioner.