Biodynamic osteopathy, chronic and psychosomatic diseases, the quantum link

During those two classes of 3 days (plus one extra day at the beginning of the first class for those we don’t know biodynamic), We’ll explain the connections between biodynamic osteopathy, Quantum physics and shamanic cultures.

We will rely on neurosciences (neurology, Epigenetic, endocrinology...) but also on the current knowledge in transgenerational psychology.


A third optionnal three days unit will offer to small groups (6 people maximum) the opportunity to tackle a work patient <~> practicioner exploring the differents unconscious and their influences on the soma. Everyone will become empathically the other's tutor and the caretaker of the new laws authorizing healing and access to the road to the future elected by his free will.

Experimentation - on oneself and on the others – is the best possible way to learn the method.


These original practices are born of more than 30 years of experimentation in consultations, of study trips and of “world medicine” practices.

Having been clinically proved, they are being taught since 2013.

Their characteristic is their capacity to address and treat chronical pathologies and behavior problems with a great finesse of comprehension and care.



Unit 1


Day 1 : (for those who never have worked with biodynamic):

What's biodynamism?

Differences with fasciatherapy, reiki, tissue osteopathy, magnetism, shiatsu, acupuncture...

A bit of history

Bases, principles of biodynamic

The biodynamic touch


Days 2, 3, 4 :


A quantum view of biodynamic, the quantum body

Embryology, a biodynamic view

Perception exercises, shifting your slider



Split attention


Work with different depths of Neutral

Stillness in biodynamic, its quantum explanation

Heart as a perceptual organ, its singular electromagnetic field

The median

Unit 2

Days 1, 2, 3 :

When the body becomes the spirit or how thoughts influence soma

What exactly is the unsolved?

Shamanic cultures, a bit of history


Cleansings and extrication

The intention, its quality, its precision, its effect on the soma


Adaptation to biodynamic

The anamnesis, case history

Unit 3 (optional) therapeutic duos

The anamnesis, sweep away the unconscious (personal, environmental, family, collective)

Find the connection with one or several symptoms


Extrication (the 7 methods)

How to use the freed space for the biodynamics forces to occupy it and get to work

The intention and its new laws

The rituals to remain in good health

To define the place we are at and the one we would like to go to


The place of the therapeutic duo over time or how to stay on the path in spite of harmful environments

Units for revision on particular themes or clinical cases will be organized for those wishing to go into this work in depth

Note: this training course is privately run and does not fall within the scope of vocational training, nor does it lead to any formal recognition in the form of a certificate or degree at the current time.