The main principles of shamanic cultures that can be transposed via the biodynamic tool are:


  • Cleanings and clearances 

  • The sincere access to other time-spaces in order to be able to finally experience one or more blocked emotions

  • To be able to resume the grieving process

  • The use of portals to access other doors, other realities

  • The precise intention to contact information relevant to the patient

  • The possibility that this information may be related to a behaviour, symptom or disease

  • The possibility of healing or improving the symptom and/or behaviour

  • The use of rituals to anchor this information and/or clean up 

  • The possibility of deconditioning to leave a path that is not one's own

  • The possibility of choosing this path with an intention and using your free will to recognize the signs that show whether or not you are there 



Through its ability to contact the nervous system, Biodynamics allows access to states of expanded consciousness. 



These states of consciousness are:


  • a state of presence in the body of suffering: through his particular attention to the body of suffering or because health will have solicited it to "free" it, the practitioner allows the patient to experience his emotion by expressing or visualizing harmful information (several other very gentle techniques are possible).

  • an expanded state of presence: once deconditioned, the patient can, thanks to an adapted induction, travel with the greatest possible sincerity to another space-time in which he can finally relive and express the emotions related to the disruptive event.

  • His sincere presence during the course of the causal history will allow the mourning process to finally take place in order to lead to a return to peace and serenity.

  • an enhanced presence state: an intention (which follows the evidence of the previous phases) will be chosen by the patient and validated in an effective form by the practitioner.


This intention will be defined by him as being where he wants to go from now on.

Thanks to its reinforced attendance record, the participant will be able to determine its own new laws.


Always by his particular presence, the practitioner will allow the patient to anchor this intention in order to embody it so that it can have a much greater chance of happening.

 The new consciousness will allow an increased presence at the hazards and synchronicities that will arise. In this way, he will be able to recognize those who could drive him away or lead him towards this goal.

His free will will will decide in all conscience whether or not to follow the path he has chosen.




Biodynamic forces can also be expressed directly if the body of suffering does not prevent them.

In this case, there is no need to go through the cleaning process.

It all depends on the level of recovery the patient is seeking.



Practitioner, guide and catalyst 


The practitioner is the guide by his particular condition, his empathy, his knowledge of the need expressed by the patient.

His listening to biodynamic forces allows the improvement of the health program. 

He never tries to increase or direct his forces, which are potentiating through him. 

They have their source beyond it.

They have an intelligence that will act with what is right in the present moment and never beyond what is right for the patient at that moment.

It is because they are intelligent that they will continue to act well beyond the session.

Health has only one goal: to keep you as close as possible to your original state.