Biodynamic osteopathy, the quantum connection.


Created 5 years ago it’s been taught in France, South America, Russia and will be very soon in Ethiopia.

It’s a 60 pages course supported by diagrams, drawings and special meditations designed for these practices.

The bibliographic references are all listed at the end of the course.

For most of these training, workshops, seminaries and treatments, I will be assisted by trained and seasoned practitioners.

B O O K 

Nature's healing power in your hands or Almost God.


The first part of this book will be inspired by my background, my travels, the internships and lessons I have given or received and, above all, my experience gained from the treatment of tens of thousands of consultations.


The second part of the book will explain the methodology and "why it works? "and will be based on many validated and representative clinical cases.


In the process of being written for Sully Editions.

A R T I C L E 

Commandé par Big Bang Therapy : 

"Ostéopathie biodynamique et lien quantique"