Education and Care 


Testimonials (extracts)


In beautiful places surrounded by nature, we offer short courses for health professionals but also for people who want to know the incredible resources that govern life, from the plant kingdom to the human being. 


"An exceptional training that opens an ocean of therapeutic opportunity not only on a physical level, but also on an emotional, psychological and spiritual level. Essential training for the treatment of patients as a whole." (P.E. Osteopathic training 2019)

"This training with Pascal and Sarah is Unique and that's what makes it so strong. Thank you for this Generosity in Sharing. These seminars have brought me as an osteopath D.O. a new theoretical and above all practical insight as well as a widening of the Consciousness in the Therapist's state of being. It is a huge Transformation and Revelation in my perceptions. Thank you again for opening the Way and allowing us as an intern to reveal ourselves to who we are. From Heart to Heart." P.Y. Osteopathic training 2019)


"When I read Pascal's website and the training in biodynamic osteopathy and world medicine, it immediately made sense in relation to my personal approach to care, which is to treat in a global way, and especially to associate the body and mind in the care. The training with Pascal and Sarah met my expectations in every respect. The theoretical contribution on dynamic osteopathy and the course, which alternates theory and practice, as well as the proposal to practice in connection with Nature, are appreciable. What Pascal and Sarah bring to the treatment of what is called in the training the "unresolved" is particularly interesting. I liked the way they explained things, the way they shared their care experiences to support the "no" therapeutic process. In addition, I was very sensitive to the kindness and attention of the trainers. Today I regularly use these new practices to support my patients in their care. In short, I recommend this training, which is rich in human teachings. "C.C. Osteopathic training 2019)


"The training I followed with Pascal is my very first training as a therapist. I was then trained in psychotherapy, energy and coaching. Regardless of the approaches, my conclusions always brought me back to Pascal's teaching. Thank you again for everything because it is useful to me on a daily basis. (A.F. training All healers 2017)


"This training with Pascal gave me the opportunity to discover a new dimension of health, combining scientific rigour and spiritual openness. She also introduced me to my personal potential as a healer. The balance between a theory taught with passion and a practice supervised with gentleness and precision makes this training an unforgettable and founding experience in my journey as a companion and human being". (RI, All Healers 2017 Training)

 "I wanted to thank you for this training, which you offered us last week. I found it perfect, both in the rhythm and in the teaching.  Personally, I have learned a lot about myself and my practice. My week at work went by on a cloud. My patients also seem delighted, which is important to me" (L.M., Osteopaths 2017 training)


"Your teaching influences many things in my life that are not directly related to osteopathy" (C.S., All Healers 2017 training)


"A journey rich in transformations towards a more accurate and delicate reunion with oneself and the quality of sensitive relationships. A very enlightening journey. Opening of the ceiling and walls, of everything that allows us to perceive, an irreversible dive into a country of subtle and vibrating vibrations. What an enrichment, what an opportunity. ". (G.M., All healers 2017 training)


"Whether you have been a patient or a therapist for a while, the group's harmony has been an extraordinary and serene experience. It is only to be hoped that our personal activities will allow us to continue to share this experience, this energy and this serenity". (J.R., training All healers 2017)


 "Exciting "All Healers" training, which gave my life a focus and a look at the truly new body/mind relationship. What I learned from Pascal Anselin now follows me in my daily life." (F.M., training All healers 2016)


Cleanings are essential to be able to take care of others without affecting your own health.

"Pascal is an experienced therapist who constantly seeks and deepens all healing approaches here and elsewhere with a great openness of mind. This allows her to mix biodynamic osteopathy with techniques from different cultures such as explorations of the unconscious inspired by Indian spirituality guided by Carolina or working with the shamanic drum with Julia." (O.A. Cleaning 2019)


"Thank you for the Cleaning" in March, it was really beautiful, it literally upset me in such a fair and precise way that I'm still putting things in place. (E.F., cleaning 2018)

"This will have been the beginning of a rebirth. And I'm weighing my words. So yes, I can say that the intention stated at the end of the internship has indeed done its job and continues to do so. (S.G., Cleaning 2018 internship)


"Yes, I kept in touch with my partner from the last treatment during the internship. I know that I have made good progress with the intention and that the path is ahead of me. I am very happy about that. Thank you very much for this great internship. (C.M., Cleaning 2018 internship)



Finally, cure treatments of 3 to 6 days are provided for everyone and in different forms according to needs. We will take care of the most demanding cases in the form of cures where patients will be fully cared for for several days. 


"I feel like a rebirth since my journey with you, I feel that I find myself and that my deep being is coming back to life. It's a very strange feeling, but I trust you. Thank you for allowing me to find myself. I'm still on the road, but on the right way..." (S.D., Treatment-cure 2019)


"I wanted to tell you that the treatment was very beneficial to me, the manifestations of anxiety became rare quickly until they disappeared. I probably needed benchmarks and that allowed me to fix it. I thank you very much for that. (G.S., Treatment-cure 2019)


"First of all we have to leave the city, take a trip to the mountains. Leaving the bitumen and worries for nature and innocence. The work, even if it is not defined, has already begun. On arrival on the spot the place takes us. We start, we identify the problems. His own and those of the person with whom we are treated. A bond is established; and it is life-saving! No one is alone in the face of the abyss of suffering. When the work is real, done with desire and confidence, emotions are sometimes very intense. You feel like you're drifting away and suddenly you look up and your partner is there and you know what you're going through together. Then we digest them and eliminate them. The separation is so liberating... at the very top of the windswept ridges, you can let go. The place was made after the elimination, but rather than leaving a gaping hole ready to be filled with dirt, we come to deposit light, intentions for our lives, to set ourselves on the path that is right, that we need. Then it's back. But we're not alone. Between patients we keep each other informed of our progress on this new path, of our letting go of old patterns. We check by a small touch that the movement has not stopped... Congratulations Pascal and Sarah for this experience you have proposed to us. I came out of it changed. A little on the surface, a lot deep. I was able to rediscover things about myself that I didn't know about. I was able to put an end to conflicts that had been pulling me out for so long that they would have made me sick one day. And I was able to illuminate the path I want to take, which seemed so dark to me until now. Your work is valuable. Thank you for doing it with such love. " (J-B.F., Treatment-cure 2019)

"Discoveries that underlie others. The human body is a Russian doll's game, Pascal and Sarah invite us to experience it. Thank you for healing old wounds that allowed me to discover another Russian doll underneath. Thank you for this place
Thank you for this harmony. Thank you for this poetry of our beings." (L.A., Treatment-cure 2019)