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Training, internship or cures

The price of the training courses and treatments in the form of a cure is 210€ per day all inclusive:  

care, food and accommodation.

In detail, each day is priced:

- treatment 160€. 

- Accommodation and food 50€.

Sheets and towels rental 10€.


Là-haut work space

La Salamandre's work space

A room at la Salamandre



To book a session, please write us at

For 3 to 4 days training and workshops, you will be asked a 250 euros down payment to secure the booking.

The balance will have to be paid at the latest one month before the beginning of the session.


Cancellations need to be made at the latest one month before the first day of training. Passed this date, there will be no refund of the 250 euros deposit.


Payments can be made by checks payable to PASCAL ANSELIN and sent to :

Pascal Anselin

608 route des Ferriers

26410 Boulc - France